The Rebroken Leg

by Regis Boff

If you break a leg and it sets improperly, it must be rebroken to set it right again. John Boehner’s retirement offers this opportunity. It might shut down the government. The Democrats believe this act will elect them and the Republicans are so angry they won’t care.
Our citizens need to be rebroken. We need to reset our loyalties.
The Republicans have become a dreadful alloy of people who always pay their bills on time but insist, like swine, that women are less precious than every man’s sperm.
The Democrats live in a soap opera universe where jealousy and retaliation are the only indispensable currencies. They insist that their Hitlerian social Eugenics will eventually tame the hideous human spirit. All they ever need is more time and more money for their goodness, decency only they possess.
Trump is proof that we all can live without our media and our political parties. Hillary is evidence that her sour odor is the only thing genuine about her. Sanders is confirmation that there are poor people and that we should listen to them.
Biden, well, he is a nice guy, and like his President will bide his time in office luxuriating in the wonder of his dreams finally coming true.