It Would not Bother Them A Bit

by Regis Boff

If the RNC, Republican National Committee, makes good on its threat and pulls out of the Feb 26 scheduled debate on NBC because of the favoritism and ineptitude shown by it’s waddling duckling CNBC the other night, it may fracture liberal political allegiances.
Our media trained to use journalism to accomplish good. This purpose was a residue of Vietnam and Watergate.
Newsreaders have no idea, right or left, that journalism should be neutral. Their primary obligation, as they see it, is to maintain their good looks, keep their legs loosely open and to follow the directions of the corporations that pay them.
Mr. Trump, like him or not, is the clown who may just pull down the pants of these well-dressed sponsors and networks. They have trained us to believe our obligation is to buy Republican or Democrat. They could change our minds very quickly if they start losing money.