Die Fighting

by Regis Boff

If I even mention guns my house, my wife looks at me like I am a baboon lighting my farts with a space heater.
Many people want to pass legislation banning guns. I have been searching for a likeness​ that might expose my gut feelings on this. I believe that a woman has the absolute right to choose whether or not she has a baby, no exceptions. If I were a woman and legislation was passed forbidding me to abort, there would be no peace in the land. Keep in mind, I lived through the female fight to gain this freedom. It will never be taken away by Republicans because women will say no. Women would lay down theirs lives for this right. I have seen it.
I am a man, and I have absolute rights too. I listened to reports of how these people were shot one by one while they waited. It would have bothered me that I could not fight back in my last minutes. If my family were laying next to me waiting to die it would have hurt even more.
Nothing the Democrats could argue would have been consoling at that moment. I would wish for a gun.
I am a man. I would need to fight back. Like a woman who demands​ to control the life that is inside her, a man needs to be able to resist the evil that is outside him.
No woman should be forced to have a child.
No man should be made helpless to defend one.