If you vote for either one, so are you.

by Regis Boff

Mr Obama has routinely exalted the answer to this stampede of slaughter in America to stricter guns laws. It is both politically expedient and at least partially the case.
Reasons for insanity are rarely neatly tucked into corners ready for impossible solutions, though.
I have asked this question before, but never, ever, hear it addressed by anyone. Not the media, not the government, not even within the universe of the all paranoid FaceBook and Internet.
Who is so powerful that they can produce these weapons and distribute them so widely? But never be mentioned.
Why aren’t these industries being targeted? People smoked cigarettes, so we shut down the powerful companies that made them. Some people felt they were constantly being insulted, so we shut down free speech. We wanted drugs, so we turned Mexico into our garden. We wanted cheap oil, so we destroyed the Middle East but not the oil fields.
Be very afraid of the answer to this because it is dangerous. More dangerous than terrorism. Your political parties are part of the lie. If you vote for either one, so are you.