Don’t You Just Get Tired Of Being Human?

by Regis Boff

I think we have  evidenced ourselves to be a species that is ready for big change.
Now I am not recommending that alarms begin going off throughout the land, but when the venerable New York Times hints that robots and artificial intelligence are just around the corner, it might be nobler for us to look in the mirror and go cheerfully.
This suspense of waiting around for the next meteor is killing me. We have wanted us to end for a long time. I grew up with the Ice Age that scared the shit out of me until I was fifteen and discovered drugs. Now we have Global Warming which is plainly wishful thinking. We want to move on and join those lumbering dinosaurs who must have grown tired of hunting for big and tall shops.
Our kids are ready now. They would like nothing better than to be crammed into their cell phones  to be closer to their twenty million FaceBook friends.
Most of us are just hanging around for the next season of “Game of Thrones.” And while I will miss Ray Donovan he is not worth the effort to salvage the human pedigree in my opinion.
I know that my neighbor, who is a Steeler fan as well, will read this as a too hasty abandonment of optimism for the human race.
But the outside chance of making the playoffs is not enough for us to prize remaining human. Unless, of course, we were to win out.