A Lifetime holds many people

by Regis Boff


A lifetime holds many people. They lodge in the heart, in the mind, in memories, in photos and even in the simple deja-vu that rises like smoke when you turn too fast in some direction. You can’t add them up or value one over another because even life doesn’t have that much time in it.
It is not to say that one should be valued over another because that somehow seems shallow, but we all have certain ones that are a touch more precious.
There are the obvious ones like children and wives and parents, but there is another level. They are the artists and teachers we encounter who bend us sometimes forever but mostly only temporarily. I have known a fortunate number of these people in my life, and I ran into one today. Her name is Sarah Kay. I have left a connection to a “TED” talk that she gave and had already posted a poem she wrote.
I am learning slowly to write, and I flail about hunting for a form that fits me. I fear now in my darker moments that I might be good enough to regret eventually the life I have led, even though my life has been accidentally a miracle.
This young girl has relieved me of that fear at least for now because I know I could never be as good as she. That comes as a relief to me, and I am aware of how stupid or pretentious that may sound. I am going to try to get this odd compliment to her though that would be next to impossible. I think she might appreciate it.