Women and Wheels

by Regis Boff

Women spend most of their lives coaxing their egos to believe they are the equals of men in certain areas. It is a petty and misguided activity. One of these domains is their talent at driving. Men are invariably part of their machines. Driving to them is little more than the carry over from the fine horsemanship the years of the early West trained them for. Women neither invent nor love machines.
Women treat cars as overly simplified washer dryers. They believe they are talented operators because they do not include steering as an active ingredient that contributes to excellence. Since the arrival of texting, women should have been prohibited from both driving and walking the streets for their safety.
This crippling inadequacy is in no way a natural gender issue but rather the cumulation of millenniums of tending children that required what women believe is something called “multitasking.” Some fool in the 1980’s came up with this term and feminists latched onto it as a compliment to females and females alone.
It is neurologically impossible for any women to drive simply. They preen, they text, do their nails, brush their hair, pluck their eyebrows, put on lipstick and the list go on and on. Women only like cars at all because of the number of mirrors that are within easy reach to gaze at themselves.
What is even worse, the upcoming generation of teenage girls, when grouped beyond three in a car will completely forget that one of them needs to steer at all.
I have always been reasonable in my stance on a woman’s right to choose and to vote but upon a long trip’s observation of girl’s behind wheels, I am coming to conclude this is something we must revisit. I have passed along a note to Mr. Trump, ( a friend) suggesting he may have to tackle this issue. The Democrats never will because even their men can’t drive.