Be a Man

by Regis Boff

The most threatening my mother ever got with me was when she resorted to saying,”Wait till your father gets home”.
Father is Mr. Trump now, and he scaring the shit out of America’s badly behaved kids.
We elected President Obama, and might elect Hillary Clinton because everyone loves their mother more. Mum is more gentle and never says “NO”. She always takes your side because she is sensitive. Everybody is always special around her.
The problem is that mother has lost control of the household. The kids are fighting amongst themselves and continue to do so no matter how nice she is to them. They are failing in school and father is faced with earning enough money just to keep them afloat let alone to send them to college.
At the same time, mother wants to adopt five more children because her heart is bursting over their suffering. She understands that she can shame father into agreeing to the new kids. Dad, for all his bluster, wants to be liked too.
Maybe dad will never come home.