In Times of Vinyl

by Regis Boff

There was a time children, when we bought vinyl albums and we expected to find every song in them to be great. These brilliant albums gave rise to what were called album-oriented radio stations which not only played individual songs that were longer than three minutes but at times played entire albums, cover to cover, without commercials. Even more remarkable was that these albums were written and performed by the artists who wrote them. This was a very big deal in the sixties and early seventies. Many people like me began to realize what one person could do artistically within an art form. We had never really experienced this before because most times the writers of the songs would be completely unknown to us. It was the performing artist who would became famous. We just assumed and associated the performer with the words in the song increasing his or her seductiveness. I don’t exactly remember the first album of this kind I was exposed to but I know my immediate reaction was to do drugs, grow my hair long, and dress in outfits that resulted in the grateful early onset of my parent’s Alzheimer’s.