Wondering About Wisdom

by Regis Boff

I have come to wonder about wisdom. I doubt now that such a thing does or even could exist.
The philosophers think, and the novelists describe. But do they offer anything outside of their small moments of cleverness?
The short sayings, platitudes, and proverbs that commonly billboard FaceBook highways and our Bibles coax corrective behaviors that barely last a morning.
The priests offer certainty and hope in return for death. If that is wisdom, what is foolishness?
Is wisdom ever a tool?
Name me one knowing man who has ever served as a contagion for all of us to believe together. One who eventually would not divide us. All the famous ones are still killing us today.
It disappoints me that wisdom did not come to me with age. I was raised to think that it would. I was always searching and at times, I felt some mouths spoke truth into my ears. But it was never true.
Wealth and prestige come with age, and  those are the sexy petticoats of envy, and they confuse you, especially when you are young.
But the old are always too stubborn and ashamed come clean, so they whisper ” come hither for I am wise.”
And the young and foolish come.
At least for a while.