Prejudice is Fun

by Regis Boff

When did it become the purpose of any political party to make me a better person? These elected fuckers, principally representing the most reprehensible scum society can drool out,  blather on and on about my motives for doing practically everything. Listen, I have done some notably questionable things in my life but do you ever find me trying to legislate my behavior upon some stainless pissant down the block? Never.
I am old enough to understand that everybody holds prejudices towards something or somebody. If you don’t think you do, you are lying. Even love is a prejudice. Prejudice is the last and best refuge of people who have very little and desperately need someone to blame for it. The less you have, the more you need to belittle those who have more. That’s the fun.

There are literally millions of Americans combing the streets hunting for signs of bias in their neighbors, as though they had been appointed crime fighters by the TV networks. Jesus did not secure the notoriety of one kid with an iPhone who records a dastardly deed that goes viral. We police ourselves through the internet humiliation of our fellow man. This is what we believe we should be? Not me pal. I am going to sit home and think bad thoughts. That’s the fun.