Why Mexico will pay for the Wall.

by Regis Boff

The infiltration or confiscation of adjacent lands has until lately been called war. Now it is evolving into something entirely bizarre. Historically a nation state would say, ” Hey, Joe’s property is kinda of nice, let’s use our armies and take it. Sure, we will have to kill all the Joe’s living there but so what, but who gives a shit, after all, they are Joes?”
Mexico and Syria are the new alternatives to this routine. Peoples are entering other people’s homes in masses so overwhelming that slaughtering them is improbable. They are like a pair of fat Aunts who decide without an invitation to come live with you, and they both play the tuba.
Europe faces a much darker problem than we do. They will regret being kind. After all, brawling with each other has been their NFL since well before the Middle Ages. Now they have willingly admitted millions of people who haven’t appreciated generosity since the Crusades, and, trust me; they are not leaving.
Personally, I have never recognised Mexico’s right to exist. I can’t even envisage why we didn’t impound it right after we stole Texas. Maybe we got tired or simply did not have the foresight to recognize how much we would like marihuana.
Trump has it right when he says Mexico will pay for a wall. It will want to pay for it. A barricade is the only way that country can define its existence. All the genuinely good people are coming here. A few horses, drug kings, corrupt politicians and prostitutes are all that will be left.
Inevitably we will legalize drugs after it becomes unavoidably apparent that every black person in America is in prison, and  then Mexico will just disappear.
Trump, by then, will have finished his terms in office and will spend his twilight years building hotels where once there was a country called Mexico. Tidy.