Its Great Not To Be Black

by Regis Boff

There is a glaringly uneven and racist distribution of concussions going on in America. Black students are lured to the college football plantation under the pretense of a free education while white kids protect themselves from skull fractures simply by paying their way out.
It is the Vietnam War playing itself out again on African Americans only, this time, it’s on the gridiron. These universities have more than enough money to give scholarships to needy students without demanding they earn it in their stadiums. But they love money. They need to gain tenure. How else can the NFL survive?
There is an undeniable parallel between the percentage of blacks in prison and the players in the NFL. I’ll bet though I am not certain the same holds true for our armed services. Three doors, concussion, prison, or battle. It’s great not to be black.

Go Patriots!