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Month: March, 2016

Like Wishing on a Star.

I know about religion. Raised a fire and brimstone Methodist, I studied world religious humanities in college. I have never found one that wasn’t valid or, in the near converse of that, one that was superior to any other.
The intensely faithful resemble determined and witless goats that climb mountains for reasons they do not understand. Humans, equipped with reason, climb on the bodies of who they have killed to get closer to God. Most Gods are “Father”, so in essence, we are always trying to impress Dad.
The Buddhists and Jains get into the fewest fights. The Jains live in fear of swallowing insects by accident and carry feathers to clean their seats before they sit down just to be careful. The Buddhist don’t believe enemies exist.
I feel sorry for people who don’t have faith. I feel even worse about those who guard entry to their belief, treating it as a private club. If there is one sure thing I know about God, it is that He disappoints.
Like wishing on a star.

Picking Cotten As a NY Liberal Jew

Trump has revealed the comfort of our American slavery. The mesmerising rainbow of the moneyed world has risen against him, and we don’t care, because if he wins that would mean everybody would have been wrong. That would never do.
We all conceitedly bitch about seeing that “a fix is on.” The internet is a hairy bucket of conspiracy theories and the clever don’t even notice what is happening.
Trump has guts. He is battling everyone who has purchased a piece of America. The secret billionaires, the lifetime Senators and Congressman, and our ever so self-important media.
We are put in our little pig pens to fight and argue, and then every four years we are let out to stubbornly pick  up our flags and charge into the muck.
Life is safer for the piously small minded.
Rubio is a boy with no life experience. Cruz should frighten women and represents the repulsive end of the Republican party.
Hillary represents the witless from the sixties, (my era and I know them) who have spent forty years watching ten thousand hours of soap operas, that place where everyone is well dressed because they cheat on each other well into their seventies.
Bernie Sanders is evidence that our educational system has failed. He is a socialist and those kids don’t know what that is. Still, he has beaten Hillary on occasion. Even a blind chicken finds a piece of corn once in a while. She is banking on this.
Hillary has lost to the first black man in what she calls racist America. So much for her magnetism.
Trump is a New York Jewish liberal, and so am I.
He wants to build a wall just like we all have around our homes. They call them fences and hedges. He doesn’t want to stop abortions he just doesn’t think the government should pay for them. He hires smart women because he understands that all women are not smart. I know this will annoy many dumb women like Hillary.
Mexico will pay for the wall, or we will simply annex it. Let them choose.
His health care system makes sense. You know why I know. Because the Media won’t show it to you.
He wants to cut out part of the Middle East for the refugees to hide in. He will make the Sultans pay for it. It is about time.
He wants to get the fuck out Muslimville and let the Russians have them. They can handle it because they are ruthless. We are ruthless only about code words.
Black people should be at Trump’s doorstep cutting deals to get help moving businesses into Detroit and Chicago. The problem is Black people are even more politically correct than we are. They are afraid to confront Hillary. The safety of the master you know. They know this is true and are still terrified. I can’t blame them. I am still afraid of spiders too.


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