Looming Whiteness

by Regis Boff

I like Mr.Trump for a variety of reasons, but the looming one for me is that he allows me to feel OK with my whiteness. We whites are not villains although we serve that purpose in the psyches of people working their way through lives which can start out unfairly. That’s fine as far as it goes; we can take it and we should. Eventually, another color will supersede us, and we will bemoan the unfairness of that, as Vonnegut says, “So it goes.”
People will always defend what they have worked to achieve or what they have inherited by chance. That is, at least in part, what makes us human. The dithering, time wasting hypotheses of socialism only works for insects. They are children’s fantasies. Just ask the 100 million dead Stalin communists or the millions of “Bernie millennials” that will be shoved aside by Hillary.
To be fair white people have ruled long, both with distinction and disgrace, but this will not last forever. America is spinning us inexorably towards new colors. Those races will fight it out for supremacy, as they should.
It is not so wise to continue spending so much time trying to get white people to accept the blame for everything. At a certain point, we will turn a deaf ear and go about our business of being “white.” Enter Mr. Trump.