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Month: June, 2016

Neptune, like God, does not echo

Eternity is a grooved spinning record,
and we go round and round,
forever guessing if we are a song
Or the melody.

Life finds it’s tune.
Nothing is quiet.
Our sounds, we suspect, carry.
To where we can only guess,
My whistling
may reach Neptune.
But I am not certain of this.
Neptune, like God, does not echo.

Birds don’t care
for their songs.
They care about eggs and nests
and the size of baby wings.
Cicadas lullaby summer evenings.
But the night doesn’t pick up
the theme
and begin to dance.

Flies whizz their little ditties
by our ears.
And we brush them away,
eavesdropped insults.

The flowers
exhale their perfumes​
into the winds to
blind the dazzled slave bees.

Nothing disturbs the evenhanded blizzard
that is being alive.
Or the drama​ of surprising death,
Only a collision with love
reveals the sun.

She sits among her snowflake suitors.
All sincere,
Each different,
Each the same
all waiting.
Until she finds
the one that does not melt

He Swallowed my Trump Hat

Clemson, my puppy, chewed and swallowed my Donald Trump, “Make America Great Again”, baseball cap. In this surveillance aerial shot, he appears to be hiding. He is not. I have superglued his back legs to the floor. And I am coming for him.

Sustaining Certainties

There are just two sustaining certainties. The first is that what we think does not matter in the least. The second is that what your neighbor thinks does not matter, and is wrong. Regis boff

Why the EU is Over

The elitist rich never defend their homes with their lives The people who can’t escape, however, will fight. It is why The EU is over.

Beverley Hills

If we can’t move poor and desperate black people out of Chicago and Detroit into Beverley Hills , why can we move poor and desperate Mexicans into Chicago and Detroit?

Difficult to defend

The principal motive for U.S. wars is to shield the Republican Party from having to argue the difficult to defend position that there is a difference between our military and our welfare.

The Cheeky Shits.

It seems more than a few people in Britain have tired of being called racists by the kings of Europe. The well-off have fallen prey to the pitchforks and torches of the ignorant peasants for thousands of years. The unfortunate rich fuckers are about to do so again.
The wretched fool lower classes don’t believe they are racists because they like who they are. The cheeky shits.
Brexit is what can happen when you don’t properly educate the trash. The Elite never learn this lesson.
I am very educated, wealthy, and seamlessly liberal. Immigration does not bother me. Our poor should be forced to welcome the world’s poor. If they don’t, they are racists. I can shame them with this word and make them shut up until it is too late to reverse my generosity.
Unless Trump wins.


People need to listen to Trump when he talks about creating a safe haven inside the Middle East for these refugees. The slow but inevitable breakup of the EU will trap these poor people who already have nowhere to go. All of them can never be absorbed into Europe and the hated towards them will fester. There is a need for another Israel.

Wishing our kids into dreams

I had dreams that the black kids did not,
I would have had more than I did
but my parents knew that dreams were wasteful.
The black parents thought dreams were dangerous.
I guess because they had never seen even one that came true
My father’s dreams, if he had them at all, slowly starved.
Ghetto kid’s dreams were mostly stillborn.
White children are obese with dreams,
The dreams of the poor are skinny.
When you can’t wish
your children won’t dream.

Like It Burned Them

I have grown tired of life without religion. The media state is failing me. Mind you, I am hugely satisfied with movie production and would never want to change that. But I am bored with the imbecility of cultural engineering. Most of this baloney is coming out of the colleges who see themselves as churches. They give people walking and talking orders, or what we used to call commandments and push them forward into a life of perfect harmony. Out with the old and in with the old.
I just miss the personal magic. Any pathetic belief in something that is higher than us, that’s for me. I can’t live a life where the avoidance of words and the watchful intake of calories for longevity is all there is. I hate it that the weakest minds can bring me shame for my words. Even the Christian God did not strike us down once we got out of the Old Testament.
The black and white people in Charleston were deeply religious. I saw them forgive and remembered how textured and internally heated life could be with faith. I could see how the media behaved around such light. They cowered from it. Like it burned them.

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