Democrats and Attractive People

by Regis Boff

Democrats equate sex with democracy in much the same way Bernie Sanders reasons that poor people are the invention of rich people.
They sit around all day worrying about who has money and who isn’t getting laid. Soon enough they locate some chucklehead so lacking self-respect they can convince him or her to complain. Then they pounce on the nearest unsuspecting Republican and call him the cause and a hater. Being that he is a Republican and therefore too stupid to mount a defense, he, of course, gets fucked.
I have always found an unshakable connection exists between money and sex. One begets the other. Likewise, both require hard work. I could not give a hamster about anybody’s sexual inclination as long as they are attractive. Unattractive people should find other preoccupations. It seems to be the decent thing to do for all concerned.