The Cheeky Shits.

by Regis Boff

It seems more than a few people in Britain have tired of being called racists by the kings of Europe. The well-off have fallen prey to the pitchforks and torches of the ignorant peasants for thousands of years. The unfortunate rich fuckers are about to do so again.
The wretched fool lower classes don’t believe they are racists because they like who they are. The cheeky shits.
Brexit is what can happen when you don’t properly educate the trash. The Elite never learn this lesson.
I am very educated, wealthy, and seamlessly liberal. Immigration does not bother me. Our poor should be forced to welcome the world’s poor. If they don’t, they are racists. I can shame them with this word and make them shut up until it is too late to reverse my generosity.
Unless Trump wins.