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Month: July, 2016

I told my wife

I told my wife tonight the only thing I ever bought just to look at was her. she bought me dinner

Hooray for Climate Change

Who doesn’t anticipate exciting weather? I have quantifiable better days when I know a rain or snowstorm is approaching. Others are buoyed by a stint of clear, hot sunny days and still others can’t wait for winter so there is little need to show one’s body to others.
Subconsciously we are delighting in this climate change hoax. It keeps us glued to our TVs in hopes that some early warning message will run in red at the bottom of the screen predicting the best places to live 800 years from now when the planet becomes finally uninhabitable. All I can say is, “Me too.”
Like any good mass hysteria it affords us opportunities to ground down our neighbors for their failure to believe what they are told. Nearly every day some dumbass football player will twitter something that denies our barometric belief systems and he will be promptly be suspended for two games and sent to consciousness reforming counseling.
We are apes regularly traumatized by bananas falling on our heads and we are still loving every minute of it.
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Hillary is just another “Guy”

Many women of my generation, in particular, habitually moan that men keep them down. Believe me; most men don’t give a shit what women do as long as they are happy.
Mrs. Clinton wants to portray herself as the woman who broke the last glass ceiling. It is true only if marrying into the job is a career path we would suggest to our young daughters, as she is nauseously quick to suggest as a choice.
In my mind, it is Hillary herself who defaults to the male when presenting herself to us. “My husband will run the economy,” “I will proudly continue the work of Barrack.” not to mention that she refuses to hold press conferences ( 234 days now). She is defined only by handlers and by a swooning hoof counting media, and that is what makes me mistrust her. Not because she is a woman. I would prefer a woman in the White House because it would be interesting. I am old enough and experienced enough to understand she is not the real McCoy.
She has not put forth even one new initiative except for her forced adoption of Bernie Sander’s proclamation of a “free college education for everyone”. Again, the appropriation of a male idea.
Trump and Hillary are both American myths.

Women and Dark Bars

“The mass of men lead lives of quiet desperation.” Henry David Thoreau

I dragged this seriously handsome phrase into many dark bars in my twenties. Although a false introspection it predictably generated an eagerness in women who equated words, they did not understand, with all the preconditions for sex they had earlier memorized while pouring through romance magazines.

Leads To A Kiss

Women never allow silence
to invade their relationships
with other women.
Soundlessness would remind them of men,
and this,
they somehow understand,
would lead to a kiss
the same way it often does
with a man.

Bill’s bullshit

Bill Clinton played millions of women as tearfully romantic fools last night. His bullshit is not why you elect the first women President. You pick her because she has forever stopped being used by men as a simpleton. Regis Boff

Within any quantifiable system of love being able to write checks is a great advantage.

Little Homicides

I grew up on one of the many hills surrounding the City of Pittsburgh. We were all bigots and racists. Being homophobic was not an option because the very thought of such a thing was too horrid to even hate.
Every large ethnic or racial group had it’s hill, a result of the national game of “musical chairs” America plays with homesteading immigrants.
Our arriving wretched masses huddled on the first space found to be empty. They were expected to keep to themselves and follow the rules of the dominant culture of the time. Nobody benefitted from guests who noisily tried to draw attention to themselves, and that was quickly learned or else.
Immigrants remained visitors until they could shed their annoying native language, leaving only their clumsy accents that trailed them like kites for a couple of generations. No group has failed to adopt the English language since our beginnings. It seems our hysterical Left wants to add Spanish. It is a lousy idea. They believe it is kind to do this. The truth is they are crippling them. Luckily, our immigrants from the South are too smart. They want to assimilate.
Pittsburgh’s uncontaminated little enclaves stood like bearded goats on these hilltops, each confident that their summit was closer to whatever God was above them. There were no hills for women, as they were scattered equally.
Class envy existed, but there was not much of that. We were all kind of lower class and fighting about so little would have just proven more demoralizing.
I grew up in a time when snobbishness was a greater offense than bigotry.
Nowadays self-admiration is confused with strength and intolerances are like little homicides.

Just as an Aside

Just as an aside, Trump in the Times this morning stated that he would consider coming to the aid of a NATO country only if that country contributed reasonably to its upkeep.
He has corrected, in one master stroke, one of the longest standing idiocies in world affairs. NATO, in the world of thermonuclear war, has long been both dangerous and irrelevant.
The countries belonging to NATO ( mostly EU nations) are more likely to collapse by financial lunacy than by invasion.
We would be far better off rebuilding and policing Chicago and Detroit than Greece and Italy.

Lofty Self-important Snot

The lofty self-important snot that for so long has authorized the elite classes to run roughshod over all of the American media thinking is beginning to fail us. We Democrats apparently can’t fathom why opinions, mimicked seamlessly in nearly every university, are failing to bring down Donald Trump. If we truly believe he will hurt this country we must jettison Hillary before it is too late.

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