Rock Accountant

Think Big Goddamn It

Who are we going to be? We have been white European from the beginning but that, in the next one hundred years, could change.
What is really in our best interest?
We worry ourselves sick about mass integration from the south, but if we welcomed it, all of the Central America and South America could be the United Staes in a hundred years. We would be the largest country ever on earth. Nobody would fuck with us.
Letting every Middle Eastern refugee into our nation would absorb the hatred of the terrorists. There may never be another solution to this problem.
Helping African Americans achieve equality would open all of the Africas to us. Lots of minerals there. Just ask the Chinese.
Of course, my daughter could not wear a burka or my son a sombrero, but I am sure that won’t be a deal breaker. Tidy.

Genius Can’t Share

Obama is the smartest person in every room he stands in, and he spends much time making certain of that. He does not trust many if any. He made Hillary Secretary of state keep her quiet after stampeding her in the primary. Otherwise, she would have undermined him all through his first term. He selected Biden because Biden is stupid and had proven himself so for years. His rejuvenation was by the death of his son. Democrats tend to believe that tragedy makes you smart. Sometimes it can.
Secretary Kerry is a poodle of the first order and can be shoved around by his wealthy wife. He is in it for the food and wine.
Obama can be fairly judged only by himself and not by those around him, and he does not believe that white people don’t hate him, and he doesn’t care about black people. He sees them both as the same. It is pivotal to our current racial dilemma.
He is not interested in a robust and prosperous black population because that would reduce his legend. Of course, this runs parallel with Democrat thinking in the broad, “if they are not suffering they will not vote for us, so keep them down.”
Hillary is his empty vessel now, and he will fill her to continue his legacy. She can’t win without him because she has nothing to say and never did. He is the one who will elect her. He is formidable because he is willing to tell everyone to go to hell. In real life, that is the only advantage. Genius can’t share.

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