With No Darkness In Sight

by Regis Boff

There are far too few real bigots in America than we need to be a great nation. A country the size of ours simply does not have the bias and prejudice manufacturing capability we once had. We are pretending to be a nation of hate, and it is our collective lie.
We can no longer blame our media because heaven knows they have tried. They work night and day spreading suspicion. They stretch the tentacles of anxiety and tension as best they can. But they can’t do it alone.
We can’t blame our schools either. They teach little else than the correct way to recognize and coax venom out of differences.
No, it is we who have let each other down. We who like each other deep inside. We who do not hate every face darker or lighter than our own enough.
We are slumping towards affection with no darkness in sight.