What I thought of Obama in 2012

by Regis Boff

I saw the President on TV last night at the Olympic warm up basketball game with his family. His family is perfect in the way that only American Presidential families can be. His children are seemingly happy, and the oldest girl was politely listening all evening to Vice President Biden whom she was sitting beside without calling unnecessary attention to the canaries fluttering around his head.
Michelle is free of noticeable cuts and bruises, and she is not frightened to be a spouse in public as so many talented but defensive women find it difficult to do.
This was the first time I felt I knew the essence of this man. I doubt he feels any real allegiance to race or party. He has that polished air of a man who finds slight everywhere but learned early that this belittling treatment can give a man the strength to do things alone.
It takes a prodigious amount of hurt to forge indifference in full, and I think this is the core of this man.
He wants to do good. Not because he is necessarily good himself but because life has betrayed him and his protective scabbing permits him to be ruthless back. An unusual dichotomy in anyone’s personality, let alone in a President.
Mr. Obama is not a Manchurian candidate, and he is not a socialist as these would be too brief of descriptions for him.
He is as strange an appearance in the Oval Office as could be imagined and expected by nobody. He simply thinks he is right, and that he can remake the world for the better.
He is an extraordinary man in a very rare place.