Hillary is just another “Guy”

by Regis Boff

Many women of my generation, in particular, habitually moan that men keep them down. Believe me; most men don’t give a shit what women do as long as they are happy.
Mrs. Clinton wants to portray herself as the woman who broke the last glass ceiling. It is true only if marrying into the job is a career path we would suggest to our young daughters, as she is nauseously quick to suggest as a choice.
In my mind, it is Hillary herself who defaults to the male when presenting herself to us. “My husband will run the economy,” “I will proudly continue the work of Barrack.” not to mention that she refuses to hold press conferences ( 234 days now). She is defined only by handlers and by a swooning hoof counting media, and that is what makes me mistrust her. Not because she is a woman. I would prefer a woman in the White House because it would be interesting. I am old enough and experienced enough to understand she is not the real McCoy.
She has not put forth even one new initiative except for her forced adoption of Bernie Sander’s proclamation of a “free college education for everyone”. Again, the appropriation of a male idea.
Trump and Hillary are both American myths.