America is not what is changing

by Regis Boff

The battle for America is playing itself out nearly entirely inside its women. It is their time.
They are, however, sadly psychologically challenged and many times ultimately hobbled by the romantic fetishes which they find it difficult to unfocus and cast off. See (Lancelot and Anna Karenina)
My generation’s women, lobotomized by soap operas and their psychosocial fixations on homosexually are in many cases still waiting for their Prince Charmings to arrive at their doorsteps in the same persona as the daytime’s soap men. All of whom they only recently discovered, to their dismay, are gay.
If such an awareness were to befall men, most would become some pitiful and dreadful, but still recognizable rendition of Camus.
Women are righting their ship, both literally and figuratively. It may or may not be in time to elect Mr. Trump, but such is the unpredictable collisions of history, and it’s waves.