What Beautiful Gay People Do to Each Other

by Regis Boff

I only watch attractive people have sex.
As a youth, I was curious about what beautiful gay people did to each other. Once I got a handle however on the structural opportunities they brought to the table, the same disinterest in the unattractive repeated itself.
My riddle is that I am not attractive myself, yet I still demand what I see and sexually touch to be beautiful.
All men are this way. Ask them.
The Early man quietly sniffed out beauty. It was a successful system, and we multiplied, notwithstanding our super repulsiveness for millions of millennium.
All that ended with the advent of perfumes.
In the early fifties, we began soaking ourselves in the French liquid, Chanel # 5.
This fluid instantly made billions of unpleasant people attractive to the nose.
The collapse of scent coincided with my resolution that only visual beauty matters.
It inevitably gave rise to news people picked because they are good-looking and not smart.