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Month: September, 2016

What Makes us Free?

Mrs. Clinton and Mr. Trump offer us a choice. It is that variety that makes us free.

The Empty Pleasure of our National Anthem

What? We can’t forgo the empty pleasure of standing for the national song at football​ games when our fellow Americans are asking for our help?

The Option to Be a Bad Cop

The issue is not whether some cops are bad. It is that they continue to have the option without challenge to be so.

Warm and Fuzzy

Don’t you just get all fuzzy when you realize they hate us as much as we hate them?

Civil War

Before we opt for civil war, we should ask ourselves where else we would be welcome.

They would be Standing

White people despise black athletes who will not stand for the National Anthem. It is odd. They do the most dying for their country.
If we were honest with each other, they would be standing, and we would be sitting.

We had science too

I am closer to the last Ice Age than most of you. It scared the shit out of me as a kid. Every night it came gnashing​, irresistibly and relentlessly.
In my nightmares, it would crush our family’s 1956 Chevy and mash our dimwit of a family dog.
Glacial speed is fast to a child. I knew where my fur hooded coat and my galoshes ( bet you haven’t heard that word for a while) were at all times, even in the summertime.
Today’s children and village idiots are​ encouraged to fear incineration by slow global baking. But I won’t change​​. We had science too.


Revenge is the only virus that can infect us for a lifetime.

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