Unnoticed in Clever Worlds

The clearest description I have managed so far about my blog is that it is not about cats. In general, I find predators pretty predictable while prey on the other-hand, because they live in universes of anxiety, develop more textured personalities. I also have as a writer a deft hand when it comes to making matters worse, so of course , the already panicky are ready made for me. I will try to grow this blog into an assortment of laughs, because that is what my life has mostly taught me to do. I will use the famous people I have known to get your attention and then tell you small but many times wonderful things about them. I will never name the ones I say ugly things about but I hope you will guess who they are.

Daily machines

Every machine you use daily would have spawned a new religion 2000 years ago.

The people‚Äč I know

I have always had fun ascribing human characteristics to animals. Lately, I enjoy doing this with people I know.

What does a race really need?

How is it gracefully announced that what I will think of your race will always be less than you demand, yet well more than you should need?

Little Lifetimes of First love

The little lifetimes of first love
All whirling and crashing
about your heart
like hungry snowflakes,
all different
all the same,
till one does not melt

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