Rock Accountant

And I kissed Her

Women want kisses taken from them. It empowers them to estimate a man’s confidence and permits them to swoon invisibly and on the sly. Most boys would rather swallow dead bees than risk rejection. Kisses for them are leaps. That’s​ why they close their eyes.
My first kiss had little good to say about itself. An older girl asked me out. She had her driver’s license.
When she brought me back home, it was raining. I said, “Can I kiss you?”
I never asked to kiss a girl again.

Blessed be the Vengeful

Few things are more remarkable than revenge. In its stable state, the grudge, it is a toxic alloy of slight and pride, which can render any of us bile filled. But in its volatile mood, and when coupled with the opportunity for retaliation, it becomes an elixir, so pleasant that it can comfort you for a lifetime.

Half a fucking brain.

Personally, I am pleased with the wild influx of refugees into America, maybe they will at least have half a fucking brain.

Off-track betting and immigration

The Republicans are behaving like disgruntled retirees in Florida consumed with worrying themselves sick that undesirables are moving into their elite condominiums, while the Democrats are pumping them in, engaged in some human high-colonic in the hope of securing votes for themselves like drunks at off-track betting in New Jersey.

Two girlfriends at once.

I wasn’t as happy when only the liberal media was able to tell me what to think. Now I know there are two sides. I feel good about that.
I remember when I was still dating during my Jurassic period. I was never as settled than when I had two girlfriends at once. Somehow I sensed that neither was essential because if one were, then the other would not exist. Tidy

Don’t I worry and hurt too?

I don’t get why white people feel bad about everybody else’s feelings, hopes, and dreams but persistently refuse to apply this sympathy to themselves. Are we naturally more kind? The blind spot in this election had something to do with unnoticed people who had the temerity to shout,”Well what about me, don’t I worry and hurt too?”

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