Rock Accountant

An entire Life

Death is life’s most wondrous experience.You wait your entire life for it.

The Oscars

Nobody not beautiful and half-naked better preach to me about Trump during the Oscars. I have my standards.

Cars and Virgins

Women and cars shared a purity system where I grew up. Virgins were the goal of every young man. Soiled women were “used,” just like cars which had a previous owner. Most women just lied about this not unlike car salesmen do. Men, of course in both situations are anxious to believe any deception.


Global warming is not scary. I grew up with scientists and idiots telling me that another Ice Age was on the way. Crushed by ice and frozen puppies, now that’s unpleasant.

Give me a fucking break.

We are to take climate change guidance from a state, California, that is flooded every five years by the same storm and doesn’t, can’t, or won’t take measures to do anything about it? Give me a fucking break.

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