Rock Accountant

Eating Chinese with rock bands

Rock bands rarely eat Chinese.
Genesis would never risk it being that most of them were strict vegetarians. Vegetarians have a mistrust of unrevealed ingredients. Mysterious stuff, of course, is the foundation of Chinese cuisine.
Being interrogated by vegans is not something Chinese waiters tolerate with civility. Relentless demands about stock bases could get your food peed on in any kitchen. Vegetarians eat a lot of pee.
Food nearly broke up the band long before Peter Gabriel left.
Phil Collins and I led a seditious pursuit of hamburgers for years while on the road. There was an undercurrent of suspicion when we would disappear into the streets after a show.
The Who rarely ate together. As the guy who paid I can tell you this was mostly about saving money. Things would always get out of hand.
We did eat Chinese with Keith and Pete once. Those who were there remember it. The waiters filled a bowl with fortune cookies. We read them aloud. Moon’s was empty. He picked again, and that too had nothing. He would not try again.

That he is a goat

I am not ready for God to be a woman.
I won’t follow this with an apology.
I feel sorry for people who have no faith,
though I consider those with it
witless goats.
She-goats follow he-goats
up the sides of mountains.
Her reason is to follow him.
His reason is that he is a goat.

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