Rock Accountant

The largest remote

As television stations proliferate​ and board my cable access palate, I grow in potency.
During the reign of the Networks, I was a dull beast content to work my experiential field with a hoe.
My Gold Plan with Cablevision Westchester​ sets me apart. I do not associate myself with the broadcast ghetto of “real-time.”
I know how seasons end before you do. I swing a contemptuous ax of “spoiler.”
The nation is racing towards a viewing singularity. The instant when all things recorded is at once viewable.
Soon, I will miss nothing.
I will be Yahweh. You will not speak my name.

“like me”

This is how I feel when no one “likes” what I post.11026823_10153376172792868_900241785953312586_o.jpg

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