Ronnie Milsap: Blind and fat

by Regis Boff


Ronnie Milsap is a blind country artist. I had him on many of my shows. He was an excellent draw. I never liked him and bore him no concession for being blind.
I would negotiate directly with him. It is not unusual in that genre of music to deal personally with the performer.
I shouted at him once that it was a “good job he was blind, so he didn’t see what a cunt he was.”
Clever language can fail you when you are exasperated. I regretted I had structured the insult so poorly.
I was trying to sting him, but I failed to factor in that a lifetime of blindness would carry with it a natural immunity to what I had said.
Later I wished I had called him “fat.” His unfamiliarity with mirrors and his image would have hit him where it hurt.