These come from women

by Regis Boff

Women with a sense of humor do not occur naturally in nature so if you are lucky enough to find one hang onto her. Regis Boff

These are all from women:

When it rains in Los Angeles, twelve indie movies with complex, emotional, interconnected subplots naturally occur. We can’t help it. EH

The storm knocked our power out, so we’re doing exactly what our ancestors did in olden times: eating the ice cream melting in the freezer.

4yo son barged in as I was exiting the shower, and he stopped and made a sweeping gesture and asked “When did all of this happen to you? kristin

None of the dogs who lost at the dog show know they lost or that they’re at a dog show or that they’re dogs. Ari Scott

It’s my seventeen year anniversary of forgetting I left a Diet Coke in the freezer of the work fridge of a temp job I had for one day. Elizabeth Hackett

A few summers ago I stopped at some kids’ lemonade stand. As I took a sip, the youngest boy stuck his whole arm in the pitcher and stirred. Quinn Sutherland

I bought four boxes of Girl Scout cookies from my niece, but I’m saving them to use for bartering when our currency becomes valueless EH