God Grows Up

by Regis Boff

My God has changed over the years.
Growing up just like me.
We needed each other more when I was little.
There were things for him to help me with.
I needed his praise and the safety of his mystery.
He seemed to like it too.
As I grew, we both got busy with other things.
I learned that terrible things happen.
Things he would not change.
It hurt him that I could not figure out why.
Sometimes people without answers hate God.
And the people who believed in him.
They resented me if I mentioned him.
It wasn’t hard to resent this.
I was learning how He feels.
Old now, I conclude He grows up inside us.
Like just another new child,
each time.
But this is hard to explain.
Because God is such a big word
To live in such a small space as me.