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Month: June, 2018

Women Drivers

Women will never be great car drivers because they don’t care enough about proving it to men.

Woman Makeup And Polish Nails. Red Lips And Manicured ...

Men are Better

Men are fortunate to be superficial and brief. We never even consider there might be more to a woman than meets our eyes.

Women share our reliance on vision but are attached to the lengthy examination of a man’s soul which they wrongly believe we possess.

Researchers Identify 6,500 Genes That Are Expressed ...

The Prettiest face

The funny thing about a man is that he can look out over the faces in a crowd and always find the prettiest girl.

ON THE SPA fashionable crowd stand & stroll, pretty girl ...

The Little Lifetimes of First love

The little lifetimes of first love
All whirling and crashing.
About your heart
like snowflakes
all different
all the same
till one does not melt


National Anthems

Soccer reminds us that every national anthem eventually resulted in the beheading of its composer.

Top 10 National Anthems From Around the World - YouTube

The Dogs of War

I came to the conclusion years ago that I am most contented when owning and scratching at least one dog while I watch U.S. land wars on TV.

The Significance of the Evolution of Technological Forms ...

At its first signs, it’s too late.

Stupidity, like homosexuality can not be cured.

Are We Getting Dumber? Or Is Stupidity Just More Visible ...


I have attained a personal plateau today. I can no longer remember with certainty if I ever said “groovy”.

Vietnam Nails

My mother was a manicurist. She did only men in a little Pittsburgh hotel barbershop. After she got home at night, she would do me.
It was after we lost the Vietnam War that I discovered that women get their nails done too.
I think because of all the drugs in the sixties I figured that somehow fingernails was what that war was all about.



FaceBook reminds me of my childhood playground. The girls held hands in a circle reciting silly rhymes, and the boys would try to catch live animals and pull their heads off.

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