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Month: June, 2018

Coming Clean

I want to be the first to publicly announce that I support Donald Trump because I have nothing else to do.

My FaceBook Friends

Most of my FaceBook friends are people from a country I haven’t visited in forty years, are mostly rock stars, and are either deaf or so addled they don’t even remember who I am. Oh yes, and a few of them are dead.

Ask yourself, Are you Dumb?

Some people are smart and some dumb. To me, it is the only variation worthy of note between us. All this pride and prejudice we are conjuring lately about race, gender, and sexual identity is simple bullshit.


Women Drivers

Women will never be great car drivers because they don’t care enough about proving it to men.

Men are Better

Men are fortunate to be superficial and brief. We never even consider there might be more to a woman than meets our eyes. Women share our reliance on vision but are attached to the lengthy examination of a man’s soul which they wrongly believe we possess.

The Prettiest face

The funny thing about a man is that he can look out over the faces of 100,000 people and find the prettiest one. Regis Boff

From where does forgiveness grow?

I can’t remember precisely how much I hated America over the Vietnam War. But I certainly did. This makes me very sympathetic to the venom the Democrats are unquestionably feeling about Donald Trump.
Sadder still is that I can’t recall why or when I stopped loathing our country. I did, but the motives for my anger are clearer to me even now than from where my forgiveness eventually grew.

What I believe: Why I am a Liberal But Not a Democrat

Women control their bodies.
Helping the poor is an act of societal kindness and not a reparation for ancient histories.
No death penalty
The only economic system that works is capitalism all others turn us into slaves at best, insects at worst.
Public schools are best but where they are not successful parents must have vouchers to save their children.
Stem cell research is commonsense as long a scientist doesn’t kill to use it. A cell is not life.
Energy sources depend on the needs of the poor and are not philosophical theories. Someone will invent a solution to energy. Keep people warm until then in the cheapest possible way.
We should be allowed to kill ourselves, quickly and painlessly.
There is nothing we can do about global warming except invent our way out of it.
Guns should not be eradicated. Weapons are the last line of protection for Liberal ideas. You can’t simultaneously be against the evil of government and for self-disarmament. Liberals will lose here. They always do.
At this point, our ruthless media is more dangerous to our ideas than is the worry about separating church and state. Religious institutions are closer to the kindness of Liberalism than are our corporate overseers.
Sex as a daily obsession didn’t much help Rome and it won’t help us either. Let people do what they want and never confuse their persecution with their worth. Marry who you want.
There should always be social security. This is easy to prove, just get old.
Welfare is mandatory. Dependency and intergenerational destruction must be guarded against.

My beliefs are not represented by today’s Democrat party. It would be easy for Trump supporters to be brought in if we did not hate them and him so much. They are neither unkind or stupid. Neither is he. They know when they are looked down upon.
Remember, Liberalism is a luxury, it arises as a political system only when great wealth is present. Once it becomes a political party the heart is torn out of our goodness.

You Own Me

You needed a slave.
and I was handy.
To clear your conscious,
about what you had done
you let me die in your Civil War.
I believed it was about me.
I stepped up for the white World Wars
because I thought I was free.
I gave you willing millions.
You dragged me from my home
for Vietnam.
Black skin goes so well
with body bags.
I am there for you when
your kids do drugs.
I go to prison for them.
My children stay home alone,
and you argue about
other people’s children
crying on TV.
So here I am,
Not your slave
now your criminal.
With you, for you
still belonging to you.
You own me.


A Black child can’t help us in the Midterms

We have wrecked the families of American citizens for generations by installing black mothers and fathers in prison. Their children were left to ruin. Of course, these kids had no midterm elections to protect them. Too bad for them.

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