Rock Accountant

You Own Me

You needed a slave.
and I was handy.
To clear your conscious,
about what you had done
you let me die in your Civil War.
I believed it was about me.
I stepped up for the white World Wars
because I thought I was free.
I gave you willing millions.
You dragged me from my home
for Vietnam.
Black skin goes so well
with body bags.
I am there for you when
your kids do drugs.
I go to prison for them.
My children stay home alone,
and you argue about
other people’s children
crying on TV.
So here I am,
Not your slave
now your criminal.
With you, for you
still belonging to you.
You own me.


A Black child can’t help us in the Midterms

We have wrecked the families of American citizens for generations by installing black mothers and fathers in prison. Their children were left to ruin. Of course, these kids had no midterm elections to protect them. Too bad for them.

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