I am a Rock and Roller

by Regis Boff

Out of college, I tour managed a band called Genesis in the US, Europe, and Canada, doing hundreds of shows. Nobody had any money. We were the same age. Their kids came too.
I wasn’t good at the job, and they knew it, but I was considerably more than they could ever get at the price. Besides, we became friends, so they were fucked too.
I never forgave one of the band for hesitating to take my side after I knocked out our sound engineer with a beautiful punch before a show in Europe. It lifted him an inch off the ground. We lost the show. The engineer was the only one who understood how to plug all the shit in.
In time I got even for this disloyalty. I have a cold spot.
I belonged nowhere else except with them and was left at a loss when they needed to record a new album. I just traveled by myself, did drugs, and waited until they went out again.
Their manager would phone me wherever I was on landlines from England to play me tracks as they were writing. We shared a time.