Trump’s Hookers

by Regis Boff

So let me get this straight. Trump buys two hookers and these whores break their promises to leave and be quiet, both failing the key quiz of a tramp. You do not hire these type of women for sex, you hire them to leave. So Mueller figures he can impeach Trump because he did not want his wife and the nation to know that he likes large breasts? Well, duh!! On top of all that, Donald uses the small change lying around the office to bribe these feral streetwalkers and this is a breach of campaign finance regulations? Please.
By the way, hooking is illegal everywhere and hiding marital infidelity is not. And I think the second prostitute is hot. Sunny, like Monika before her, is not hot. I loved Bill Clinton until he had sex with that tubby Wolinsky, then I shallowly dismissed him. I have standards, however, frayed.
We Democrats think of ourselves as sophisticated but have become gnarled little prudes. We are being outdone by a man who is by any standards actually worldly and we are explosively jealous. Even if we manage to impeach him tomorrow we will still have to face history which will call us petty little shits.