Trump for President

by Regis Boff

What if Trump had said he was going to run as a Democrat in 2016. He had been one his whole life. He could have been the same dope when running and the Democrats would have admired him for it while the media would have bought condos up his ass. The obstacle was Hilary who was considered immovable and a woman.
What people never understand is that Trump likes to do things. It doesn’t matter who thinks of the things to do, he just wants to do them. He is like a fucked up little kid who has to keep pushing. He is not an Ideologue. He is vain and as tough as they come but desperately wants to be loved. And he cheats on his wife. In other words, the perfect Democrat.
Had he been one of us imagine where we would be now. Perfect economy, perfect healthcare, fucking world peace, infrastructure being built, and everyone from Brazil, Peru, and Mexico living comfortably in San Francisco.
Tidy. Regis Boff