Sex with Meryl Streep at the Emmys

by Regis Boff

I am a Democrat, posing as a Republican so I can hide the fact that I love Trump. It is a bumpy road to travel on where I live in ultra-rich Westchester, NY. Hillary is still hiding in our woods, and all original liberal thought comes from here.
I am jealous of the famous people at the Emmys because they are so good-looking, rich and smart. Mostly, though, I crave having as much sex as they do. I want nearly everybody I saw. Well, almost everyone. I was not sure about the presenter who was there merely to play the game of “what am I.” I might have found that annoying after a few rolls in the hay of gender unsureness because I am also a woman, posing as a man but who wishes he was gay. That may be too many players on the field.
I figure President Trump has a similar political confusion as I do a sexual one.
Hollywood hates Trump because he is one of them. The best one. The big winner who regularly shits on them. You know, Meryl Streep. He always wins.
With every announcement last night, the camera cut to the loser’s faces and none of them could hide their bitterness. It is the way they look at Trump. They wish him dead.