We had science too

by Regis Boff

I am closer to the last Ice Age than most of you. You are nearer to Earth’s guaranteed scalding flameout. We are both wedded to our fears.
Moving glaciers scared the shit out of me as a kid. It was certified by our schools that they would get us. That was if a thermonuclear exchange didn’t murder us first. At night in my dreams, these continental size icebergs came gnashing relentlessly towards me. They would overwhelm and crush our family 1956 Chevy while mashing our too slow to react dimwit of a family dog.
Glacial speed is fast to a child. I knew where my hooded fur coat and my galoshes ( bet you haven’t heard that word for a while) were at all times, even in the summertime.
Today’s children and village idiots are​ encouraged to fear incineration by slow global baking. But I won’t change​​. I’m betting on ice. We had science too.