Unnoticed in Clever Worlds

The clearest description I have managed so far about my blog is that it is not about cats. In general, I find predators pretty predictable while prey on the other-hand, because they live in universes of anxiety, develop more textured personalities. I also have as a writer a deft hand when it comes to making matters worse, so of course , the already panicky are ready made for me. I will try to grow this blog into an assortment of laughs, because that is what my life has mostly taught me to do. I will use the famous people I have known to get your attention and then tell you small but many times wonderful things about them. I will never name the ones I say ugly things about but I hope you will guess who they are.

Month: October, 2018

Girl on the curb

That girl on the curb
looked back at me.
I guessed at what she saw.
It could be what I hoped it was
That left her mouth ajar.
But likely,
it was just my car.

Because I can sit through “This is Us” every week, I believe I am a bonafide Democrat and Liberal.

Does it at all frighten you that when I die you will all disappear?


It is fair to remind all people who plan to vote in the midterms that in doing so there is a reasonable expectation that you are going to abide by whatever the outcome is. Failure to do so is cheating and your mother would not like such behavior.

We love to say that the wrong behavior of a few tells us much about how bad we have become. I think the exact opposite is true.

It is Never my Fault

Our hatreds have become a specific and valuable form of entertainment to us. None of us want to be dissuaded about who is to blame. Because this is fun. Wars start because people are having a good time despising one another. Eventually, the first killings are nearly orgiastic for some and no one cares to speculate on what is coming until it can’t be stopped. Then the fun stops.
We compete with each other to be sadder and to be more righteously indignant about the causes. Curious how the causes never start with us.



If one girl

is more pretty

than another,

Then one girl

must be the prettiest of all girls.

No girl then

is pretty again at all,

until one girl

or one boy

picks that prettiest girl.

Then the next girl

who wasn’t the more pretty girl,

becomes the prettiest of all.

To be clear, I dread accidentally finding myself in a group of people who are exactly racially diverse like in all the television commercials. Regis Boff

Women succeed despite the undertow of the last ten thousand years of unfairness. Regis Boff

I am thinking that if you are an individual being persecuted by everyone around you, you probably deserve it.

I think the millennials should be sued by the boy scouts for stealing morality. Regis Boff

If Global Warming was a lie, somebody would still be worried about it anyway. So why do we have to convince anyone else it is real? Just leave stupid enough alone. Regis Boff

What’s the good of being different if no one despises you for it? Regis Boff

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