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Month: October, 2018

Girl on the curb

That girl on the curb
looked back at me.
I guessed at what she saw.
It could be what I hoped it was
That left her mouth ajar.
But likely,
it was just my car.

LA street style fashion - keep smiling beauty girl in ...

Poof! You’re gone

Does it at all frighten you that when I die you will all disappear?

Pith, Path and Poof – Perking the Pansies


If one girl

is more pretty

than another,

Then one girl

must be the prettiest of all girls.

No girl then

is prettiest again,

until one girl

or one boy

picks that prettiest girl.

And takes her out

of the competition

Then the next girl

who wasn’t the more pretty girl,

becomes the prettiest of all.


The Prettiest Girl In The Whole Entire World - YouTube


As you have probably guessed I did not hang with the “Mom, I want a pony” crowd.

My FaceBook Friends

I wandered through my friends’ list on Facebook this afternoon.

I found 7 dead rock stars, 

There was a load of Italian Genesis fans from some show in Turin in 1974.

I noticed 4 girls from grade school who I had given dirty Valentine Day’s cards to in the early fifties and had seen their panties from under their desks. 

There were 8 rock promoters, including Harvey Weinstein and Bill Graham.

There were 12 dogs and one cat.

And one girl who keeps asking me to send money to her so she can get a flight out of Turkey. The rest are people I don’t know.

Apparently, my kids have unfriended me.Your Facebook friends do not care about you


A good sense of humor

The best thing about us, ( this sappy human species of ours), is our confused experimentation with love. All our high literature, music, and art swoons to it. Boys loving boys is not new, same with you girls having a cuddle with each other, nothing new at all even if it seems so to you.
We are going to keep doing it no matter what anyone thinks of it. Truth is, sex is always more appealing if someone disapproves. There is nothing better than dirty sex. People thinking you are repugnant makes it hotter in twisted and fanciful ways. It is why God lets the Puritans prosper. God likes a little degeneracy as well.
As long as nobody gets hurts against their will, it is not necessary for us to smother the fun of romance and put a halt to the eons-old spelunking we exercise to find new ways to use our holes.
Always remember three things. Never force anyone to do anything. Put a time limit on a broken heart. And that as your body falls apart, your gonna need a good sense of humor.

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