Socrates, Trump, and the Serpents

by Regis Boff

In Book X of Plato’s Republic, Socrates banishes all artists, (Democrats) from his ideal State. He argues that creations of imagination are farthest removed from the truth. Our media turns the mind of the spectator away from reality and toward the realm of “becoming better,” example: gender-based pointless re-identification, egalitarian butt sniffing and the desperate attempt to commit to memory all the colors human beings can come in.
For Trump and Socrates, there is only one idea of an original “table.” A table-maker can make a table from this idea, but the idea of a table remains permanent. Even farther removed from God’s concept of “table” is the painting of a table. Presumably, God granted us all with enough imagination to fuck up the original concept of “table.” ( See “This is Us” on Tuesday’s.) I bet that God did this because he never really liked us.
“Tables, then, are of three kinds. The one made by God, who is Trump for those who may have missed that this was coming. Then there are the ones made by good people who work for a living creating the tables that we use. We will henceforth refer to these people as non-serpents.
Lastly, there are the Imaginists, who can maintain reality only so as long as they stare into mirrors, avoid scary loud noises, and never go anywhere without at least five people of varying colors.