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Month: November, 2018

Poem: Hear Me

The waters hear my questions
Then rushes back to sea.
Its answers right away as waves
That rudely covers me.

Giant waves video danger - Strange Sounds

The fearing of the unalterable.

We have been inventing conventions to deal with ourselves in the natural world all along. Christianity, like all other human religions, was conscripted to counter our own cruelty and our loneliness.
Climate change religions are forming all around us. We have moved on from trying to understand the unknowable to the fearing of the unalterable.

The Courage of the empty room

Facebook has furnished me with something I never managed to accumulate in life after college, a robust reserve of casual friends. I was on the move most of my life. I made only “best friends”. I even today have a good number of them. They come and go but I can’t fill a room with them on a rainy day if I get lonely. Facebook fills that room for me.
It doesn’t take great courage to be the fool if you have an audience. It does however if you don’t. I am aware I appear foolish. It’s my strength that I can do it in an empty room.
I have done a lot of deep sea fishing. The idea of casting lines into vast emptiness appeals to me. It comes from taking a lot of LSD.
So I am grateful to FaceBook for helping me on this.

Briefest wisdom

Never reveal to your wife that you ever loved anyone else. And never brine a turkey.

Turkey Brining 101: Ever Wonder How (Or Why) To Brine ...

The aid of a cane

I just got a cane. I now idle away my days tallying which gender rushes more quickly to hold doors open for me. I never fail to be corrupt absolutely.

Assistive cane - Wikipedia


If you want to hear God just giggle.

Get the giggles often? It may be in your DNA | Berkeley News

The Weather of my childhood

The weather of my childhood was sometimes a surprise.
The news accompanied the weather and was, minus the forecast, twenty-nine minutes long. If you missed any of it, it would arrive anyway. No one felt ill-equipped to handle what came.
The evening news was very serious. It was delivered by somber, just shaven guys who you suspected of bad cologne. They were not going to take any bullshit from the viewing audience. It was what you needed to know. They gave you the facts then pushed you out the door like they had other matters to attend to. It had to be done because the viewing audience were sheep that wandered inconsequentially.
No one in my generation grew up with an opinion. We didn’t feel like we lacked one though. Maybe it was because ideas weren’t practical.
It followed reasonably that if we did not care to view ourselves as indispensable to the national photograph, why fret about what the neighbors were thinking? Every person in America at that time thought their neighbors were stupid. Now we believe them dangerous.

th (3)


America accomplishes through its elections something beautiful. It wears down zealotry.
When an election ends, participants have an opportunity to be gracefully polite. It is freedom’s real purpose.

Lot Detail - Women Voting in New Jersey in the 18th Century

Naked Indoors

I am becoming more absent-minded. I manage to misplace things I am holding in my hands, leaving myself awkwardly embarrassed if I am not alone. To mitigate the temptation to hunt too obviously, I employ the trick of always sitting naked when indoors.

When all else is said

When the time finally comes to add it all up about the last 10,000 yrs, the conclusion will be that the average white American male was one bad motherfucker.

21 Important Figures In White Male History

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