Trump and Me

by Regis Boff

Donald Trump and I are much alike.
First of all, we are both happy to not worry ourselves sick about the high school popularity contests of life that take up so much time. The best revenge is living well.
We both have wives who are smarter than us and children who are morality tales when compared to us. I have a dog he does not. He has the cabinet.
We both have snobby “Holier than Thou” educations. These educations can become dangerously hollow without real-world experience. We both have that in spades.
We are not blind to suffering. But unlike the people who want to keep certain races as economic “pets”, we are certain everyone is equipped to make their way without state pensions and crutches. The real racists in this country are found in clumps of sad people of all races who have been made to believe they can’t succeed until everyone else changes their attitude about them. They and their children are doomed.
We are not ashamed of ourselves or our country. We have lived exciting lives. We know evil exists and it does not reside exclusively in either political party.
We know that the first principle of negotiation is to win and that there is nothing wrong in that unless you are uncomfortable about who you are. And we aren’t.
We know our nation is very important to the future of Mankind. That socialism is for insects and fascism comes from the seizure of the media not guns.
We are not certain if we will run again. It is a lot of work. The Democrats will have two years to figure what they are talking about. We could pull the old switcharoo and run as a Democrat just to drive everyone over a psychotic cliff but that, though fun, may not satisfy us.
The greatest dilemmas come from the inferior lifestyle of the Presidency. The hotels are second class and we think we have run the hooker program to its logical end.