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Month: December, 2018


“Rally round the steering wheel boys”

Autonomous driving cars are an affront to our manhood. No man or authentic woman should ever own one. If spotted on our consecrated highways they need to be nudged unceremoniously onto side roads that lead nowhere. They are a far-left Democrat brew for emasculation and represent the decades-long scheming of Barack Obama, James Taylor, and the stinky French. The route these horrid appliances take will lead us straight to castration. Well I feel much better.

Self-Driving Cars Will Change the World—Including Housing ...

God built Death to protect himself.

Poems for the Power Hungry. | elephant journal

Tangled up in Genitals

I have decided that only gay men can be genuinely kind and talented. Heterosexual men can be either one or the other, but never at the same time.
Young girls, face a clumsy period of uncertainty on this matter but with age, particularly if they have had more than two children or more than two husbands, they find lesbianism the obvious sensible choice.
Men seldom communicate with each other unless the subject is really big, like the universe or the Pittsburgh Steelers. Women never allow silence to invade their relationships with other women.
Women have no big themes. They are not philosophers. This fact has always confounded me because I know a very reasonable explanation is somehow hidden in it. It might be that women are by nature merely trivial but it is, however, certainly plausible that all philosophy is bullshit. This is just one of the open questions in my life.
The mind boggles.

Just Wait

Time always does the duty of discrediting wise men.

The Genius of Ancient Man: The Magi: Astronomers of the East
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