The Grateful Dead Authentication

by Regis Boff

Art will never thrive until we understand what it is not. The comparable beauty of a girl or boy someone loves is a hard-fast secret that we all honor out of a deep-seated kindness to one another. Nobody ever says,” that person you love is not as pretty as you think.”
How do we manage this, given all the other shit we smear on each other day to day? Is it because falling in love is art with no real right or wrong?

At least five of the most meaningful people in my life are “Deadheads, including my wife.” Do I think they are musical idiots? Sure. However, they are in love, so I let it go.

When push comes to shove we are a beautiful species, killing each other notwithstanding. Somehow we get that love is an authentication of a joy we need to respect. That said, The Who are a much better band.