Anton Johansson (1858 – 1909) and Tony Romo

by Regis Boff

We live in times that suggest that it takes a fool to admit he is one. I was wrong about Tony Romo. Mind you; I still detest that he strives to predict every coming play in a football game because I never want to know what is going to happen. My wife and most of America feel otherwise. I don’t get them.
I included Anton here as an example of another annoying predictor I am glad I never knew personally. Regis Boff


Known affectionately as the Christian Seer of Finnmark, Anton Johansson of Sweden is famous for the prediction of the sinking of Titanic. He also predicted the First World War in Central Europe, the Russian Revolution, the defeat of Germany in the First and the Second Wars. As an old man, Johansson was highly obsessed with what he termed a Third World War. He stated it would break out at “the end of July, beginning of August, I do not know the year,” but went on to detail a Russian invasion of Europe and the Middle East.