The Price of a Who Ticket

by Regis Boff

Much of my career, such that it was, depended upon rationalizing that rock bands needed their money defended. It would be hard to argue that I was not good at it.
Ticket prices grew over the years. The Who’s ticket price was always an internal cause for concern with them. Raising the ticket price one dollar could provoke a rare band meeting that could end in a screaming faceoff. The Stones did not give less a fuck.
Thinking back on it now, we taxed the kids based on how much they loved art. And it was art.
There was a formula involved that was hard to describe. The pain of the price diminished as the size of the venue increased. It was almost as though the fans did not mind getting fucked as long as tons of others did too.
In my years, The Who reached the point they could play as many stadiums in each city as they wanted. The big bands made sure they did not go out at the same time and we would coordinate by calling each other. They could suck all the money out of a city.
The virtues of ticket pricing eventually vanished and were replaced with making sure that we did not cheat whole cities out of an opportunity to see them play.
Through it all, I remained loyal to their money.