Which music is better, Black or White?

by Regis Boff

I had an intriguing conversation with my wife the other day. I asked her to name a significant painter that has come along in say the last thirty years. She thought of only one ( the name she came up with I felt was not historically sufficiently prominent). I think this is odd. She knows her art.
If I am allowed to flatter my point, our “geniuses” in that creativity form are going into advertising instead.
The same phenomenon is happening to literature as well. Expansive milestone books are few and far between, but there is no denying that given the advent of Netflix and the like we are in the beginnings of a golden age in writing.
Music has always been racially intensive. Motown created more dramatic music during my childhood than anything today. I don’t think this was true, say fifteen years ago when white music dominated. Black music is currently more inventive than white music, all things being equal, but I think both are noticeably stagnant.
Music doesn’t change unless instruments do, but that is for another time because my head will explode.
Of course, all this type of speculation is infantile and inevitably just bullshit, but the fluid essence of popular music does serve a critical societal need. The Temptations destroyed my father’s music, which was mostly polkas and women running their wet fingers over half-filled champagne glasses on Ed Sullivan. This and LSD changed my life.
The earliest sign of nearing death is the embarrassing urge to complain about your own children’s music. Nothing in the Bible is more accurate than that. Say no more.